Coming up with names for products and companies can be an unexpectedly tedious tasks. It can take more thought and forced inspiration than even naming your own child (you don't have to worry about some stranger having a similar name, and at least with children you are working with a somewhat limited pool). With a company it should feel relevant and not too out of the box while still being creative and be marketable in the genre. You often have way too many cooks in the kitchen and working with a panel of opinions can be time consuming- choosing a name for your own venture can seem like a life and death situation.

Some basic advice. Research, always be writing down interesting ideas, make lists, don't fall victim to a thesaurus, go out and see something or do something that has nothing to do with the project, don't ask for too many people's ideas, try to avoid putting all your eggs in the crowd sourcing basket, meditate, listen to music, read a book, and don't get stuck on domain names. Remember that the perfect name can come from anywhere. Once it's right you still won't feel 100% on it until you see it in action and live with it for awhile. After the name is in use it will be just fine and you probably won't look back.