A few years ago we made the decision to change the name of our company. It wasn't an easy choice, the old name was part of our family and gave us a sense of identity for many years- but we had out grown it and we were working on living our lives in a fresh way. We are truly work-a-holics and as petty as it may sound, identifying with a new name that represented our current journey just struck a chord.

We came across VERY HIGH FREQUENCY [VHF] originally as a name for a blog project we were working on. Our goal was to discover through personal experience what it would take to operate at a higher level, to live in a happier more meaningful way, and to see if this way of being could be obvious or tangible enough for others to see on us. We have all met people that seemed to know something that most people didn't and emanate a glow of content- it was our mission to get to the bottom of it. This was obviously a bold task.

We didn't start the project as imagined- we instead held the name close, pondered the possibilities of doing more, being greater, having more fun, and smiling more often. We meditated on the subject for about a year. By consistently striving to live in this fashion things did start to feel different, which is why we ended up ditching the old name and began using VHF as our company.

"Yeah, so what." You are probably asking yourself.

This choice was the beginning of the Best and Worst year of my life.

The name switch itself didn't change anything necessarily, but it is a marker for what was to come.

2012 was hyped in the circles of idiots as "the end of the world," and for others it was a point of a paradigm shift in our culture. I can't say if that is true or not, but my old way of life was deleted forever during that year.

The Best- I was given the gift of my beautiful baby girl. The timing was a surprise we weren't prepared for. It was downright frightening at some points, followed by this euphoric rush of LIFE. It was truly the Frequency I'd been searching to find. I can't imagine not knowing the feeling of being a father.

The Worst- In February I found out my mother had cancer. In June she passed away. For those of you who have not experienced this sort of loss, It feels exactly like the wind is knocked out of you. It burns in the pit of your stomach. And to top it off seeing my family hurt as bad as I was only made it ache more. It's miserable.

Life and Death. My child growing inside my wife's womb and disease taking over my mother. The polarity of what we see and experience while we are here is almost impossible to bare. If it weren't for my daughter and wife I don't know what I would have done to cope.

But life triumphs. My 3 month old girl was able to protect me, her fully grown father. Her comfort and the distraction of those sleepless nights kept me warm.

My life was forever changed. I am now living on a higher frequency. The understanding I've gained is tremendous. I grew up. It's so complicated and so simple at the same time, we can't understand everything, but we are not supposed to. We are just supposed to BE.