My Family. My Wolves. My soldiers. These feelings we all hold privately but also collectively cannot gnaw away at us any longer. We must refuse to be ravaged by the negative gravitational pull that stretches us into the black hole. We cannot flourish together if members of our pack are weak. We cannot help the pack when we are struggling. We must learn to be better. We must focus on what's important. The importance of our togetherness. The importance of being positive. The strength of being "more than." Even when separated by mountain ranges, deserts, fields, oceans and dimensions our togetherness can stay in tact. The physical structures of this world will not keep us apart. We have full control. Do not feel alone, for when you Feel alone you are alone. Reset. We are here for one another.

Prepare yourself. Be prideful of who WE are. This unit is expanding, abundant, radiating the knowledge that we invent together. It's time. I've heard all your cries, and pains and struggles. That is no more. No more. Reset. Balance.

My Family. My Wolves. My Soldiers. Stay close, open up and stay alert. Pay attention to all your senses. Don't forget we hold the control. Focus your intentions and keep your head up. This is not a fight, it's an experience- an experience we won't have alone. Our pack will survive. You have been tasked. This is it. This is everything. Shoulders back. Stand up straight, balance. Make us proud.