A little more comfortable
But not enough to put trust in you
Mistakes uncontrollable
Lapses of judgment irrevocable
Sick and tired of the guilt
The feeling of letting us down
Too many close calls
Relying on prayers for a bail out
This is our life
Possibilities endless
But the addiction to misery makes everything hopeless
Not this time
The cycle has been identified
The wrong doings are rectified
Debts paid in full
No shortcuts
Take your place in the back of the line

Your death will not be in vain
The tragedy speaks volumes
You left wisdom
For all to gain
You tried to put the bottle down
Tried to wrap your mind around
The hallucinations
Lost moments and memories
To blackouts and recoveries
Rest assured I'll give you my word
Show love to my family
Be the light for all to see
Don't give in
Don't give up
Everything will be
Lived in crystal clarity
Feel everything
See vividly
In this present
No more numbing of this life