Completing something is the fun satisfying part, not much explanation needed. Beginning a project is exciting. Continuing something in the works is grueling.

There is a fine line between "beginning" and "continuing." Continuing will test your patience. You will at times question all that you've done to get to the point of where you are, you may even ponder throwing it all away just to be relieved of the burden. Continuing is the difference between having something and nothing. Time wasted vs invested. This is reference to the project you DON'T have to do. The thing you feel you need to do but never really start. Which brings me back to the difference between beginning and continuing. You probably aren't continuing yet, but you are about to be.

You probably haven't continued because you know how difficult it's going to be. Maybe you have started 100's of times. Little notes, you've purchased books, scribbled ideas, you've made sketches and had long winded conversations with friends. You've been excited about creating something, but when it comes down to continuing you are stuck in the rut of starting over and over again.

Most people end up being that person that talks to their friends and family about the great idea they never finished- a missed opportunity- the infant ghost of a legacy that never was.

I refuse to be like "most people" and fall in the category of never completing. Instead I choose to Continue.