I look down and see a text message on my phone from a friend, “Call me. I have something to tell you. It might be weird though.” A strange text to get at 3:38pm on a Friday. I pull over and make the call.

“What’s up?” I say. He goes on to explain that he is producing a TV show based on psychics and mediums. He and the film crew were shooting at his house and the medium was doing a reading on his wife. At the end of the reading the medium asks “who’s Josh?” His wife says that they don’t have any family named Josh but they do have a friend Josh. The medium has a message for me from my mom who passed away. She asks if my mom had any abilities in this spiritual sense, my friends didn’t know to what extent but said she was a writer and definitely spiritual. The medium explains that she can tell because the message from my mother is clear.

A little background: My mom was very intuitive, a medium herself. She was a full body channel with over 30 years of this work. She wrote books, met with groups of like minded people, studied and taught. To say she had some abilities is an understatement.

My mom has a message for me. She tells them that she taught me what she knew, why am I not using it? She said I needed to check in with my father more (we talk everyday, but maybe we need to speak more to each other and not through my toddlers?) Perhaps we need more adult conversation together, this is how I’m taking it. She explains that I need to get out more and be creative- which has been very much on my mind over the last month.

Thus far, this is all very mundane stuff. The medium could have had anybody do some research to find out that my mom passed away or that she was in the “psychic business” - she could even get info from this blog. BUT, she didn’t know she was going to be doing a reading on my friends that day, there was actually another person that was to be the subject for the show, and my friend jumped into it without planning. There would have been no reason to do research on any of her friends.

Here is the kicker- The medium says that my mom wants me to find the pendulum she gave me, that I know how to use it, and to use it. Nobody knows that my mom gave me a pendulum that she specifically made for me just months before she passed away. This is not a thing I wear, it’s been sitting in a cabinet with a bunch of important stuff of my moms for the last 4 years. I’ve pulled it out a few times to look at it.

I have two thoughts on this pendulum. 1. I need to use it like she said (i’ll get back to this), or 2. This was spoken of so that I know that there is validity to this message. Or maybe both.

Okay so what is a pendulum? I’m not an expert, but basically it's a chain or necklace weighted at the bottom that you hold still in front of you. You ask it to show you “YES” and wait to see which way it starts spinning, then you ask it to show you “NO” and it will start whirling the other direction. I have always just figured that your mind is subconsciously moving it. So when you ask a question you are getting your most intuitive answer. Are there supernatural powers of this practice? Many would say yes, but I am a skeptic. Nonetheless, we used to do this for fun.

I grew up in a world that revolved around all sorts of things like this. When your mother is a psychic/medium/channel summoning the entities of Indra and Saraswati you get exposed to a lot of miracles. I was always very much a skeptic in my nature, but honest to God, hand on the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible I’ve seen some shit, there just isn’t any other way to explain it.

So, I receive an unexpected clairvoyant message from my deceased psychic mother through a medium I’ve never met during a reading for a friend, for a TV show I’m not affiliated with- and it started with a text message.

For the previous month before receiving this message I’ve been having a spiritual conundrum. I’ve been speaking with my grandmother on the phone about faith, meditation, prayer, wanting validity to what we believe, I have been manifesting some sort of clarity to all that I have learned in my life. Do we pass on and ascend to this celestial pool of accumulative knowledge? Is that what “heaven” is? Do the people we love lose their identity and turn into the fabric of what we all are? Is anybody “up” there actually listening? Needless to say, the timing of this message was impeccable. I’ve been asking for a message, and I got one.

I know this is heavy. I’ve been hiding this stuff my whole life. It’s not easy growing up with a psychic mom (in many ways) mostly because people aren’t ready to hear it.

It all comes down to Faith. The Sunday before this all happened I was talking to my wife about my recent spiritual struggle and not really knowing the answers. I had made peace with it at that point. Not getting these answers lead me to understanding what faith is. Faith is more than a feeling, it’s more than knowledge, it’s beyond getting answers. Faith is letting go, it’s not analytical. Faith is something that you earn by prayer and meditation. I had this realization before I got this message. Once again proving how impeccable the timing was. I never would have discovered this understanding of faith for myself if I had got that message a week earlier, it came right on time, exactly late enough for me to not really need it anymore, but to solidify that there are miracles and something out there beyond our comprehension.

Thanks for the message, Mom. I got it loud and clear.