For years I've been coveting my ideas. Like many people in the creative field I've thought these were sacred. I think I sign at least two NDAs a week from other people or companies that think they have the next BIG idea, so I'm not the only one. Recently I've made the decision to stop thinking in this fashion. In all reality not all these ideas are great, and most the time they are just a jumping off point to a much more focused idea or a spark that ignites something completely different. In many cases you do nothing with them and it boils down to nothing more than wasted forgotten potential.

If you do happen to think you have spontaneously come up with something remarkable, you probably aren't the only one thinking it- it's an idea, a thought circulating in the collective conscious waiting to be plucked and accomplished. The execution of this idea can be designed and produced in more ways than there are people working on them.

Even while writing this blip, I did a quick search on 'coveting ideas' and found at least two articles with similar views on the subject. So there you go.

Now that I got that preamble out of the way- I'd like you to sign this NDA giving me some false security that you won't take my idea that I'm working on to use these half baked ideas for something really "BIG".