The Artist And The Jigsaw Puzzle

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle. Now Imagine that it has multiple layers. It goes in different directions. It’s complex. The images on it are full of experiences and memories. Not good or bad, it’s everything. These pieces strung about around you are everything within your life’s potential. Everyone has the same puzzle in front of them. Some people are born with pieces already sort of stuck together. Some people are born with the puzzle so spread out across the floor they can hardly reach all the pieces. Some people have guidance on how to “properly” construct the puzzle. Starting with the corners and edges, working their way in- organized. Others decide on their own methods and group together similar looking pieces and live in that bubble as long as they can, slowly working their way out. Some people are overwhelmed others are overjoyed.

Others are artists. The Artist begins putting the pieces together enough to understand the process. Realizing quickly the constraints of the puzzle. Having to piece them together in this way, for what? For who? Why? “How do I escape this trap?” The Artist says. The Artist sees everyone working away, trying to build faster, more efficiently and not realizing that it’s all the same. There is no end, nobody can complete the puzzle. But there is another way.

The Artist decides to tear a corner off of a puzzle piece, willing it to fit somewhere it’s not used to fitting. Pulling pieces with different backgrounds, tearing edges and constructing them to make something different from everyone else. Soon this gains the attention of others. “Look at that,” they say. Some hate it, some love it, some are inspired by it. The artist doesn’t care. The Artist is only looking to break free of the restraints of the puzzle.

Now that the pieces are torn and bent and manipulated, the Artist realizes that there can be complete pictures. Stories. Self contained messages. By creating new rules the monotony can end. The Artist leaves these self contained pieces built from memories and experiences, standing for others to see. There is something new to look at, to listen to, to experience.

Sacrificing a typical life, for the potential of something more meaningful. Living as an outsider. Giving more thought to why we live the way we live. Discovering intricacies nobody has taken the time to notice. Changing the perspective. This is why.

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